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3M™ Boron Carbide Lapping Pastes (previously TETRABOR®)

3M™ Boron Carbide Lapping Pastes, watersoluble (previously TETRABOR®)


For universal application (titanium, hardest stainless steel, ceramics, plastics)

The suitability of boron carbide for this purpose is the result of its extreme hardness of 30,000 N/mm².

Use and application

In all ranges of engineering where economic and cost-effective lapping and superfinishing is required, for example for non-ferrous metal, titanium, hard metal, steel, ceramics, minerals, plastics (teflon).

Treatment of drawing dies, bottom dies of all types, tools and wire guides, valves, valve seats, cylinder liners, cylinder running surfaces, injection pumps, hardened seats, setting jigs, cutting- and blanking tools, broaches, cutters, optical lenses, natural or synthetic gemstones as well as all ceramics.

PackagingContentClassificationGrain SizeArt.-No.PU
Tube75 mlF 60300-212 µm103 6110
Can750 mlF 60300-212 µm103 711
Tube75 mlF 100150-106 µm103 6210
Can750 mlF 100150-106 µm103 721
Tube75 mlF 22075-45 µm103 6310
Can750 mlF 22075-45 µm103 731
Tube75 mlF 32049-17 µm103 6410
Can750 mlF 32049-17 µm103 741
Tube75 mlF 40032-8 µm103 6510
Can750 mlF 40032-8 µm103 751
Tube75 mlF 60019-3 µm103 6610
Can750 mlF 60019-3 µm103 761
Tube75 mlF 80014-2 µm103 6710
Can750 mlF 80014-2 µm103 771
Tube75 mlF 12007-1 µm103 6810
Can750 mlF 12007-1 µm103 781
Tube75 ml1500 Fapprox. 5 µm and finer103 6910
Can750 ml1500 Fapprox. 5 µm and finer103 791


Working advice

Watersoluble pastes can be used for an application range up to max. 200°C.

The supporting materials used in our watersoluble pastes are almost entirely biodegradable (>90 %) and are therefore classified as not hazardous to waters.

Cleaning of the processed parts can be conducted with water. Please pay attention to anti-corrosive protection.